Probate Records Relating to Grates Cove Residents


Will of John Snelgrove 1862

In the name of God Amen

I John Snelgrove of Grates Cove, Trinity Bay, South, being sick but of a sound mind declare this my last Will and Testament.

I equally divide my land between my beloved sons Joseph and Simeon. The south part of my land to my eldest son Joseph, and the north part of my land to my youngest son Simeon.

I also equally divide my dwelling house between my dear wife Susannah & my beloved son Joseph. My dear wife Susannah to have the parlour end, which she shall dispose of as she thinks fit, and my son Joseph to have the kitchen part.

I also equally divide the Store, and all its contents, on the south part of the room between my two Sons Joseph & Simeon.

I also give a small plot of land on the north part of the room to my Son Simeon and a small plot near to Warren's I give my son Joseph.

The Barking Pot & Kettle with all other things on the Room I give for the use of my two Sons Joseph and Simeon.

I give & bequeath all my money to my dear wife Susannah.

I give one Cow apiece to my two Sons Joseph and Simeon.

I give to my Son Joseph my longest gun, and my shortest one to my Son Simeon.

I give to my Grandsons
Benjamin, my watch
Abraham John, my small gun
Gilbert my telescope.

Signed by John Snelgrove

Witnesses: Mathias Martin

James Frost (his x mark)

Estate of John Snelgrove of Grates Cove in the Northern District,
Planter deceased.
Dated 12th of November, 1862
Estate valued at £200

Transcriber's note: There is a Petition to the court for Joseph to administrate the will, dated Nov. 1862. In it is notes that John (who died in March 1862) “leaving him surviving his Widow Susannah and two sons Simeon, since deceased, and the Petitioner (Joseph). Simeon therefore died between March – Nov. 1862, possibly from an illness that his father also had?