Trinity Court Records Relating to Grates Cove Residents

Mary Bullick, Plaintiff v. Henry Martin Jr., Defendant

Mary Bullick complained that as she was coming from prayers at Grates Cove, Henry Martin accused her of having a black ribbon in her bonnet which he said was his property, whereupon an altercation took place.

A scuffle ensued, Henry Martin availed himself the opportunity when her bonnet fell from her head, he took the ribbon and keeps it in his possession.

Henry Martin says he supposed the ribbon belonged to him and asked Mary Bullick for it, who immediately turned around, instead of giving answer, struck Henry Martin several times, first with a birch and afterwards with a dogwood stick. He then took the ribbon from the bonnet and ran away with it.

Thomas Benson, inhabitant at Grates Cove informed the Court he saw the Defendant take the ribbon from the Plaintiff's bonnet, and likewise saw the Plaintiff strike the defendant several times.

Decreed -- Defendant to pay a find of 5/ for taking the ribbon and 15/ for breaking the sabbath.

Trinity 3rd May, 1800


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