Trinity Court Records Relating to Grates Cove Residents

John Blunden vs. Joseph Martin

The Plaintiff by Petition to His Excellence Sir Erasmus Gower the Governor and Commander in Chief of the Island of Newfoundland etc. etc. set forth, that the Defendant occupied a Potatoe Garden in the Grates Cove, at a considerable distance from His Fishing Room, which from its situation, being contiguous to the Plaintiffs Premises he was very much annoyed in carrying on the Fishery for the want of it.

On examining the merits of Plaintiffs Memorial, bearing date the 23rd July last, and referred to me by His Excellency the Governor it clearly appeared, that the grievances exhibited by Plaintiff, were well founded and satisfactorily proved. Defendant being present, he agreed to give it up in consideration of the Plaintiffs paying him thirty shillings, which was immediately complied with.

John Clinch, Surrogate

Trinity 21st September 1805

N.B. The garden in dispute was occupied some years ago by a William Connell as a Potatoe Garden. On Martins first going to settle at the Grates Cove, he took possession of it and used it for the like purpose. No information could be obtained of its ever being employed in the Fishery.

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