Facts about the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

This bird is well-known as the symbol for the United States of America, due to its striking appearance and proud, majestic carriage. Heart Cove, a short walk from Grates Cove, has its own resident eagle nest on its craggy slopes, which is very easy to see. One can often see the adults circling on the updrafts of the cove, and clearly hear its piercing shrill call for great distances.

The bald eagle is usually found near water, as it feeds mainly on fish and waterfowl which are captured in pursuit.

It flies with slow, stiff wingbeats, and soars on flattened wings.

Its white head in contrast to its dark body, and large size, makes this bird fairly easy to identify.


(Photograph courtesy of Vicky Martin, Grates Cove)


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