Vicky Martin of Grates Cove, Newfoundland


Hello! My name is Vicky Martin. I use my initials to mark my works … VAM

I am a very proud “N.B.C.” … “Newfoundlander By Choice!” My dear Husband is a bona fide Newfoundlander. I love this province, especially living in the out-port village of Grates Cove, in Trinity Bay, (population of about 180 counting cats & dogs!)

The people here in the village are truly wonderful, as are all Newfoundlanders! I truly enjoy the freedom and tranquillity, and most of all, the lack of stress!

When it comes to my artwork … I dance to my own tune, so to speak. I prefer to re-cycle nature.

For example: I create my art pieces using a wide variety of items, such as rocks, glass off the beach, driftwood, seashells, sea urchins, starfish, scallop shells, codfish bones, seal flipper bones, alder limbs and buds, bark off felled trees, old wood off the fishing stages and ‘stores' that had been deserted over the years by fishermen, mouldings, yarns, linen, various pieces of glass, and photos.

I also use many things that should not go to landfills, such as styrofoam and plastic, and a wide assortment of many other materials. I do try to use any medium, and in most cases, successfully. I love to experiment! The bulk of my creations are ‘one-of-a-kinds'.

My latest passion is digital photography … especially macros of flora on the barrens and on the ‘mashes', as well as scenic photography … my preferences being Icebergs, and Whales!

Whatever I create, whether it be an oil or acrylic painting on canvas or rock, carvings, drawings, sculptures, mobiles, T-shirts, sun-catchers, key racks, welcome signs, photo-cards, poem, cards with or without verse, bookmarks, posters, signs, magnets, sailboats, plaques, frames, ‘slatwood' and ‘slabwood' collages … basically, anything and everything, is made by hand with pride and much love.

I am truly at peace living here in Newfoundland and Labrador! I sincerely hope you enjoy my ‘labours of love!'


Vicky Martin (VAM)