Grates Cove has 6 spacious R.V. parking spots next to Beyond Baccalieu, right in the middle of town. There is a lovely view of the cove and the wharf below. The R.V. parking spots are terraced, so each site has an unobstructed view. There is a picnic area and walking trails nearby.

The R.V. sites are currently unserviced, but this will be added in the future. There is a modest fee of $10 per day for parking your R.V., which goes to the Grates Cove Cabot Rock Heritage Committee for funding for future heritage projects and improvements in the community.

Don't forget to stop into Beyond Baccalieu's Cafe and Gift Shop for a home-cooked meal and to see our high-quality, locally made arts and crafts and souvenirs for sale. And once our boat tours are under way, please join us on a tour to Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve to see the seabirds and whales.

In addition to Beyond Baccalieu, Grates Cove has a convenience store and in nearby Old Perlican, you can get supplies at the Foodland grocery store. There also is an Irving gas station with a lunch counter and a liquor store. And if you are interested in having fresh seafood like crab, you can buy it at the fish plants in Old Perlican and Bay de Verde, just ask anyone local for directions.

Grates Cove has many things to see and do, and lots of friendly people who will be sure to stop by to say hello. This is a scenic stop at the tip of the Baccalieu Trail, and is a "must see" destination when planning your R.V. travels to Newfoundland & Labrador.