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Caboto Rock View Bed & Breakfast

Grates Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

To Grates Cove from St. John's
Baccalieu Trail Map

Take the Trans Canada Hwy 1 West to Hwy 75, the exit for Carbonear (Exit 31). Stay on the main highway, if you take any of the exits, you will end up on the coastal road, which will work, but will take much longer (50 km/hr).

At Carbonear the highway ends. Continue on the main road until you get to Victoria. You now have a choice to continue on Hwy 70 (Conception Shore) or Hwy 74 then 80 (Trinity Shore). Each is nice, and will get you to the same place in the end. The drive from Carbonear to Grates Cove takes about an hour.

If you choose Hwy 74, you will come to Heart's Content. Take Hwy 80 North.

Both 70 and 80 will lead to Old Perlican. There is an Irving Gas station at the intersection. Take Hwy 70 to Bay de Verde (turn right if you came on Hwy 70, go straight if you came on Hwy 80).

In a few minutes you will come to the turn off to Grates Cove. Turn left. (If you continue straight you will end up in Bay de Verde). It is 7 km to Grates Cove. Watch out for Moose along the Grates Cove road, especially if it is foggy! As you get closer, you will see views of Baccalieu Island on your right. As you come into "the Grates", you will see our picturesque cove below you. At the scenic lookout, turn right, and you will find Caboto Rock View B&B near the turn at the end of the road.